NORTEC Sport NORTEC Sport is born from the acquisition of the business “TURTLES” – owned by Granzotto Snc, artisan company founded in 1979 by Enrico Granzotto in the province of Trevisana. In 1996, the Granzotto starts the production of the line TURTLES, ice and snow chains for shoes and ski boots gradually gaining great success in the Italian market and the main international markets located on the main alpine ridge. In January of 2012 NORTEC Sport GmbH is established, who acquires the historical brand TURTLES and invests in a project to become the European specialist of Quick Fit Shoe crampons and, more generally, anti-slip systems for shoes. June 2012 a new range of Quick Fit crampons and shoe chains is presented, to meet the needs of the demanding Trail Runner, the hiker who pays attention to the material and security, but also tourists who simply want to walk safely on snow-covered trails.

Sports and the outdoors are our passion. Our products are the result.

Nortec® – Turtles®, twenty years of experience at your service!